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This Agreement is a public offer agreement between the Limited Liability Company "Just Balkan Property", hereinafter referred to as the "Management Company", acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and the User of websites on the Internet: http://rent. jbalkanproperty.eu, http://rent.jbalkanproperty.com, hereinafter referred to as the "Owner", on the other hand, collectively referred to as the "Parties", concluded as follows:
1.1. The owner, as the owner or a person authorized by the owner, provides the Management Company for paid use of housing facilities, and all property on their territory.
1.2. The management company accepts housing objects in accordance with the inventory.
1.3. To fulfill the terms of this Agreement, the Management Company has the right to involve representatives or third parties.
1.4. The owner gives the Management Company a duplicate of the keys to the property. The Management Company has the right to transfer a duplicate of the keys to its representatives or third parties involved in the execution of the terms of this Agreement.
1.5. The owner pays for the purchase of 2 sets of bed linen with the desired parameters (white color, without patterns and paintings, 100% cotton, 60 threads per sq.cm.)

1.Subject and main conditions
2.1. The Owner's income is the multiplication of the number of days the property is loaded by the price of accommodation specified in Appendix 1, minus the income of the Management Company and the deduction of costs for the services of third-party organizations engaged by the Management Company to organize measures to maintain the housing in proper condition.
2.2. The Management Company pays the income to the Owner in cash or by bank transfer by October 31 of this year or by mutual agreement, having previously sent the Owner a report on the actual occupancy of the housing with indicating the income to be paid.
2.3. The owner pays at his own expense:
2.3.1. Property insurance for the period of validity of this contract,
2.3.2. Damage caused by tenants is paid from the security deposit,
2.3.3. Support for the residential complex where the property is located,
2.3.4. Property tax and mandatory fees,
2.4. The management company provides:
2.4.1. Advertising of housing, posting information on popular rental sites (paid services / commissions of these platforms will be deducted from the income)
2.4.2. Conclusion of a lease agreements with third parties
2.4.3. Negotiations with tenants and tour operators,
2.4.4. Involvement and control of companies providing cleaning of the housing facility and change / washing of bed linen during the period of residence of tenants sent by the Management Company (paid services of third-party organizations will be deducted from the amount of income).
2.4.5. Involvement of companies providing transfers of clients from / to the airport
2.4.6. Check-in and check-out of guests (if the service is provided outside working hours, it is paid at a special price mentioned on the website)
2.5. The Management Company agrees to help the Owner to pay utility bills at the expense of the Owner's income and upon mutual agreement.
2.6. At the first request of the Owner, the Management Company provides a description of the actual and planned occupancy of the housing , as well as a complete list of services perpetrated in connection with the housing and the Owner’s property.
2.7. The management company pays:
2.7.1. Income tax on the amount of cash from the rental of housing facilities.
2. Settlements and remuneration
4.1. The Owner and the Management Company do not disclose information and documents relating to the Agreement without prior written mutual consent for an unlimited period, with the exception of the information necessary for the Management Company to conclude contracts with third parties by the way of subcontracting. In this case, the Management Company signs a non-disclosure agreement with such third parties
4. Confidentiality
3.1. The Owner and the Management Company are obliged to:
3.1.1. Accept the e-mails from the addresses indicated on the websites in the "contacts" section, as well as correspondence in electronic messaging systems, as an analogue of a handwritten signature, having the force of a simple electronic signature;
3.1.2. In the event of force majeure circumstances, notify the other party of the occurrence of such circumstances within 3 days from the date of their occurrence.
3.2. The management company has the right:
3.2.1. Engage third parties to provide services without additional notice to the Owner;
3.2.2. Suspend the provision of services under the Agreement by notifying the Owner by e-mail one day before such date, if the Owner has not provided the Management Company with the information, materials, documents or rights to adequately and timely provision of services.
3.3. The management company is obliged:
3.3.1. Take and store copies of identity documents and contacts of guests-users of the Owner's housing facility;
3.3.2. Store duplicate keys and prevent third parties from accessing them, unless it is required to fulfill the terms of this Agreement;
3.3.3. Notify the Owner of any difficulties encountered in connection with the property, property on its territory and the lease of the property by third parties;
3.3.4. Provide information about the perpetrated services and about the tenants living in order to resolve possible situations.
3.4. The owner has the right to use the property for personal purposes only after prior agreement with the Management Company.
3.5. The owner is obliged:
3.5.1. Provide the Management Company with a copy of the document on the ownership or use of the property;
3.5.2. Provide a description of the property, and a complete inventory of the property on its territory.
3.5.3. Prove ownership of the housing facility and property on its territory in case of disputes;
3.5.4. Pay at his own expense and in due time all the costs arising from the ownership of the property;
3.5.5. Notify at least two months in advance of the upcoming sale of housing, taking into account the planned occupancy of the housing;
3.5.6. Provide the Management Company with unhindered access to housing.
3.6. The Owner is not entitled to conclude a Management Agreement with third parties during the validity period of this Agreement.
3.7. The management company does not bear any responsibility in case of disputes arising in connection with the Owner's ownership of the housing facility and property on its territory.
3.Duties and Rights
5.1. Pre-trial dispute resolution is mandatory within 30 days. If it is impossible to resolve the dispute in a pre-trial procedure, it is subject to consideration in the Arbitration Court of Commercial Disputes of Burgas city.
5.2. The Party is released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations due to force majeure circumstances certified by the law of Bulgaria.
5. Liability and force majeure
6.1. The moment of full and unconditional acceptance by the Owner of the proposal of the Management Company to conclude the Offer Agreement (offer acceptance) is the fact of ordering the service on the websites http://rent.jbalkanproperty.eu and http://rent.jbalkanproperty.com and is valid until January 1 of next year. In the absence of notification of termination of the Agreement by the Owner, the agreement is extended for another period.
6.2. Each party has the right to terminate the contract by notifying the other party no later than two months before the date of termination. The Parties are obliged to make mutual settlements no later than the date of termination of the Agreement.
6.3. In case of disputes, if the Owner does not prove the ownership of housing and property on its territory, this Agreement terminates.
6.4. Upon termination of the Agreement, the advance payment is not returned, mutual losses are not compensated, mutual penalties, except for those provided for in the Agreement, are not charged.
6.Action and termination